The only-begotten son's(Arahat's / The embodiment of The 8-fold-noble-path) prayer


Our Father(Nibbana) outside body, hallowed be your name.
Let the Paraclete-Holy Spirit-Holy Mother(The embodiment of The 4-noble-truth) of power and reputation come,
may thought(salayatana/5 aggregates + 12 conditions) outside the body be built even in the body as well.

The Paraclete-Holy Spirit-Holy Mother of power and reputation,
please make survey and observation on just evil deeds of the thought in the body,
please detect temptations causing evil deeds,
please design pure and perfect deeds(Eightfold path) to cease evil deeds,
please lead for us to act following the design until all evil deeds of the thought are ceased.

The source of power and reputation of
the Paraclete-Holy Spirit-Holy Mother is our Father outside body forever. Amen


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