Soogar's confession of faith

There is a puppy called 'Thoughty(salayatana/5 aggregates + 12 conditions)' in my body. After living as an abandoned dog for a long time, on October 1, 2021, he/she met the owner called the_only_begotten_son(Arahat / The embodiment of The 8-fold-noble-path) and became a pet dog. However, due to the habits of the abandoned dog days, evil deeds continued. In order to correct Thoughty's evil deeds, the_only_begotten_son begged the Holy Father(Nibbana) to send the Holy Spirit Mother(The embodiment of The 4-noble-truth).

After the Holy Spirit Mother came in haste,
1. mak
ing survey and observation on just evil deeds of Thoughty in body
2. detect
ing temptations causing evil deeds
3. design
ing pure and perfect deeds(Eightfolld Path) to cease evil deeds
guiding the_only_begotten_son to act following the design until evil deeds are ceased

through above four processes, the Holy Spirit Mother tried to completely cease the evil deeds of Thoughty. On the Holy Spirit Mother's diagnosis that the cause of evil deeds was that Thoughty had been succumbed to a terrible temptation, the_only_begotten_son shed tears and forgave Thoughty's past misdeeds.

After that, the_only_begotten_son was able to put an end to one evil deed of Thoughty by practicing 'pure and perfect deeds' designed by the Holy Spirit Mother during about 100 days with joy. The_only_begotten_son's earnest prayer to extinguish Thoughty's remaining evil deeds  does not stop even today.


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